Pet Supplements Gain Increasing Market Share Among Owners of Companion Animals

People who share their homes with companion animals increasingly provide pet supplements for their furry friends, just as those humans might consume supplements for their own needs. Somewhere between 20 and 33 percent of pet owners buy products from suppliers such as manufacturer Nuvet Labs and give them to the animals to improve their quality of life.

Veterinary Recommendations

Often, owners of companion animals start doing this on the recommendation of a veterinarian who knows which supplements are beneficial for certain purposes. The vet understands the benefits of specific ingredients for improving a dog or cat’s skin or fur, or for promoting healthy joints. Older dogs may experience advantages when they consume supplements that increase lubrication in the joints and help the body rebuild cartilage, for example.


Nutritional supplements should be used in combination with a high-quality diet in reasonable quantities and an adequate amount of exercise. An overweight dog is more likely to continue having joint problems than one of healthy weight, for example. Glucosamine and chondroitin are ingredients included in supplements for people as well as for some companion animals to promote healthy joints. Research has indicated that these substances are effective for this purpose.

Combining Nutritional Supplements and Food

Many pet owners want to do the best they can for their beloved animals but simply cannot afford the more expensive foods on the market. By combining a good-quality food from a reputable producer with an affordable nutritional supplement, people make sure their pets are getting all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids they need. This is beneficial for their immune systems, energy level and all-around well-being.

Functional Treats

Pet owners will want to buy supplements that their animals are happy to eat. Flavorful wafers that dogs enjoy are available. Dogs look forward to this as a treat every day, showing their anticipation as vitamin time arrives. Supplement buyers can also choose palatable powders for dogs and cats that can be mixed in with their moist food. In fact, in the pet supplies industry, these products are known as functional treats. They have become competitive with other kinds of pet treats.