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Practical Ways to Turn Your Home Into a Wedding Venue

If you want to get married today, then do know that you need to have a lot of money. Because of the financial demands brought about by modern weddings, most hitting the 35-dollar mark, a lot of couples are now thinking of just getting married at home. You are able to save more of your money if you will just settle with a simple wedding in your garden. Yet by not choosing fancy venues, you are missing out on acquiring a picture worthy backdrop for your wedding pictures. Thankfully, with the help of Hudson Valley wedding photographers, you need not worry anymore about the areas in your home where you can take great wedding pictures. Nonetheless, if you cannot get the services of one because your budget does not permit you to do so, then below are some home wedding backdrop concepts that you can try to do all on your own.

Consider your garden design
Try focusing on what your garden looks like. If you choose to have a home wedding, you must make sure that your home is suitable and tidy. Your grass should be clipped in a nice and short way, your flowers should be deadheaded, and your shrubs and bushes must be pruned. Your wedding photos will look amazing if there is some sort of background color. So, whatever season you are in, make sure to get bedding plants where their borders can be filled with flowers.

Lighting is also vital. Make sure to capture your photos in RAW as having poor lighting will just ruin them. Upon doing this, right after the wedding, you can just have the lighting of these pictures edited. Just remember that it is still a great wedding photo idea to do so during dusk when the sun has reached the time to fade. In the evening, it is best that you choose to use solar lights. Solar string lights must be placed hanging in your trees. Furthermore, make use of post lights so that your garden features and pathways are illuminated.

It is also vital that you be able to consider each angle that works best for your wedding pictures. It is important that you are able to keep in mind the backdrop of your photos and then do some test shots and see if they do work. During the wedding day, you are not given a number of chances to be taking a lot of photos especially if there are children in your party. That is why, planning how to take your pictures ahead of time is a must.

Based on Kim and Kanye’s Italian wedding, having floral backdrops during weddings works well. Though theirs was expensive, you can always make one by growing some honeysuckle, climbing rose, and wisteria in your fence or wall. You may even have the option to collect flowers and then thread them together in a discrete netting to serve as your floral backdrop.