How I Became An Expert on Arts

Understanding The Connection Of Art And The Human Brain

One of the things that have been part of your lives ever since then is art. Ever since the first cave drawings were created that art has still been present up until now. For some people, they will still be asking what is the relevance of art in your lives. There are also some that may ask why there are also some people that love to visit art museums and galleries. It is people that have a love affair with art.

The moment that you will be asking some people why they love to buy art, the common answer that you will get is that they simply enjoy it. When you take a look at it, these statements, however, are backed by science. There have been many studies that look at this phenomenon and they are using MRI to look deeper. The way that the brain acts when artist being placed in the picture can be understood more with the help of an MRI. The MRI has proven that the moment that an individual takes a look at an art piece that they do have the same gratification juts like when they will take a look at the person that they love. That is why the very moment that a person does look into an art piece that they will have the same feeling of joy just like with the one that they love.

There are a lot of experts who have worked together to come up with the result from this test which was done in the UK. Ther was a random picking of the tests subjects that will be used in the test. It is test subjects that they have chosen that has little knowledge about art. They also make sure that these subjects don’t have any specific art style or artist that they love to avoid being bias.

They did a comprehensive look at the circulation of blood on the brains of people the moment that they will take a look at a distinct painting . It is when this happens that the part of the brain that causes a person to be happy is where the circulation increased. A part of the brain that is also known as the reward center is what this one is all about. Right after they saw the paintings, this response of the brain happened almost instantly.

When people will tell you that they love looking at art is not just a statement but it is true as it is already backed by science. That is why you live art because it makes you fall in love with it. There is a positive effect that art can give in your life. That is why when you are planning to buy an art piece that you should not stop yourself anymore as it is proven to be good for you.