Escape the Bar Scene: Enjoy a Night Out in a New Way

Going out to the bar either alone or with friends can be fun and full of adventure. However, the same bar scene can also get old after so many nights out. If you’re looking for something different to do, why not spark your creativity with a little bit of paint? When combined with wine, this makes for a fun night where you can hang out with friends or make new ones. If this is something you haven’t done before, here’s what you can expect.


1. Lots of Laughs

When you go to a spot such as Cork and Canvas NZ, which specializes in teaching participants how to paint pictures on canvas while they sip on wine, you’re going to laugh. The instructors make the process fun and enjoyable so you are sure to smile with every stroke of the brush.

2. Learning How to Paint

Whether you’re a skilled painter or it’s your very first time picking up a brush, you’re going to learn a lot when you go to a paint and sip class. From advice on how to properly mix colors to help using the right techniques, you’ll find that painting isn’t as difficult as it might look. Even complex pictures are made easy with the help of the instructor every step of the way.

3. Relaxation

You might know that wine can help you relax but did you know that hanging out with your friend can also offer some stress relief? Many studies have shown that friends help to improve your health, so why not take some time to hang out? Without the loud music of a bar or club, it will be much easier to chat and discuss what you’ve been doing. Not to mention enjoying a new experience together can help strengthen your bond.

4. Meeting New People

When you’re in a paint and sip class, you’re bound to meet new people and make new friends. Do you feel like you don’t need more friends? There are actually many benefits of doing so, making it worth trying out.

5. A New Piece of Art for Your Walls

The painting you create while you’re out will be one that you can keep. This can act as an excellent conversation piece with your guests, and because the supplies are at the studio once you’re there, it will be one of the most affordable pieces of decor you own.

Making the Most of Your Sip and Paint Experience

Painting can be an excellent craft for adults of all ages to take part in, especially if they enjoy the process of creation. If it’s brand new to you, then mixing in wine will make it that much better, as it can really encourage your creative juices to flow. When you throw in a few friends, the experience only gets better. However, keep in mind you can go by yourself as well. No matter which you choose, it’s likely to be something you come back to do time and time again.