Why Choose Nuvet Pet Supplements?

Nutritional supplements, such as multivitamins, are the basis of an industry worth billions in humans. In recent years, this industry has literally exploded for dogs and cats. The most common supplements for pets are multivitamins, supplements to ease discomfort that often comes with aging and fatty acids to improve the radiance of the pet’s coat.

Improving your pet’s health

Pet owners can also administer probiotics to promote quality of life in their animals or antioxidants to help improve energy. Although there are very few scientific studies to support the supposed effectiveness of these supplements, this does not prevent firms from selling them by the millions. As an animal owner, it may be difficult to distinguish improvement from supplementation, as it is not uncommon that multiple supplements are administered at the same time or they are coincident with other changes in your pet’s feeding habits life.

For example, a dog could receive a supplement in addition to a new organic food, both of these along with an increase in its physical activity. Any observed improvement may be due to one of these factors, a combination of these or a placebo effect. Folks can learn about Nuvet here.

Why consider animal supplements like Nuvet?

If a dog has not had access to a balanced diet or is struggling with problems that requires them to take specific ingredients, then animal supplements might help. Human supplements are formulated in larger quantities that may be inappropriate or even dangerous for animals. Follow the advice of your veterinarian to choose the right product for the pet.

Below are some of the most common animal supplements growing in popularity.

Glucosamine and fish oil

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from cartilage damage. Glucosamine is about to become the most common supplement to combat such discomfort in both dogs and cats. Usually marketed together with chondroitin sulfate, omega fatty acids, vitamin E and other minerals, glucosamine can help lubricate for fluid movement.

The natural fatty acids of fish oil can additionally improve moisture in the skin and hair, a great advantage for animals suffering from skin conditions or dry coat.