These Tips Will Help Women Find the Perfect Dress

The search to find the perfect dress seems to be an ever-illusive one. While most women know what style they like, they have a hard time finding one that looks good for their body type. Whether a woman is shopping for an important date or a wedding, knowing these tips will help.

Shopping For Shape Is Important

Every woman has her own unique shape, but most women fall into the following body-type categories:

  • An apple body describes a woman who has a bust that is usually two to four inches wider than her hips. When choosing a dress for an apple body, a woman needs to stay away from dresses that draw attention to the midriff. A woman with an apple body will look her very best when she wears dresses that flow over her curves. Belts should be avoided, and the neckline should be the focal point.
  • A pear body is the opposite of an apple because most of the weight is carried in the wearer’s hip area. A woman with this body type does not want to call attention to her hips and rear, so she needs to wear a flowing dress that does not have a belt and is not cinched at the waist. Fluffy sleeves help to widen the look of the shoulders and balance the top half of the body with the bottom half.
  • Those with a rectangular or straight body need to give the illusion of curves by wearing a dress with a belt. This helps to make a woman look curvier and break up her straight body line. A-line dresses are ideal for this body type.
  • Women with an hourglass shape can wear many types of dresses, but it is important to wear one that is balanced on both the top and bottom. Belts and cinched waistlines are ideal because they show off the curves.

Trying on Dresses Is Vital

When a woman wants to discover the perfect dress, it behooves her to try on a variety of styles. The look of a dress can change on different women, so trying on a dress is important. With these tips, a woman will have an easier time choosing the right dress for any occasion.