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What Exactly Is Virtual Reality?

By taking each of the words out of virtual reality, we can get a clearer definition for it. Virtual means near and Reality is the things that we are experiencing as humans and from this, we can say that virtual reality means near reality. This can of course have a different meaning but still, it refers to specific kind of reality emulation.

We all know the world through our perception systems and senses. Back in school, we learnt that the sense of touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste are the 5 senses we have. These on the other hand are the most obvious sense organs we know. In reality, humans got different senses like for example, the sense of balance. These other sensory inputs along with other special processing of sensory information by our brain guarantees that we have rich flow of info from the surroundings to our minds.

Everything we know in our reality comes by means of our senses or in other words, our whole experience of reality is a combination of sensory information and our brain’s sense making mechanism for that info.
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There are a number of people who wonder how virtual reality is achieved? Despite the fact that we talked about a brief info of VR, virtual reality of today is often implemented with the use of computer technology. There are wide range of systems used to achieve this purpose similar to omni directional treadmills, special gloves and headsets. All of these things are being used to stimulate our senses in an effort to create an illusion of our reality.
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As a matter of fact, this is a lot harder than it sounds as our brains and senses evolved to provide us with a fine mediated and synchronized experience. We can typically tell if ever anything is a bit off and this is where you’ll hear terms like realism and asimmersiveness. These issues are basically dividing enjoyable or convincing virtual reality experience from unpleasant or jarring ones that are partly conceptual and partly technical.

The technology used to create VRs always takes into account or physiology. To give you an example, human visual field doesn’t look like video frame as we have more or less 180 degrees of vision and even though you’re not aware consciously of your peripheral vision, you’ll probably notice it if it were gone. Likewise, when what your eyes as well as vestibular system in your ears say that you’re in conflict, it can possibly cause motion sickness which what mostly happens to others when they read while in a car or riding on boats.