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The Function Of The Nurse Case Manager In The Employees’ Compensation Claim.

Majority of the nurse case managers are identified by the nursing council of where they live through registration. A a worker who file compensation claim ought to avail himself in attending the physical therapy sessions, meeting the doctors’ appointment as scheduled as well as getting the necessary medical equipment needed. The insurance company may need to employ a nurse case manager to guide the injured worker in meeting all the doctor’s appointments as scheduled. The claimer ought to be aware of the limits a nurse manager’s duties not forgetting that he should be fully equipped with knowledge regarding his right and responsibilities.

The nurse case manager are at times given the obligation to attend the physician’s appointments with the patient for follow up of the right treatment as well as communication. These nurses are responsible for assisting the injured employee to get the right medication and treatment they deserve. The case managers act as a connection between everyone who is involved in the claim process, this includes; the doctors, employer, claimed as well as the insurance company. The nurse must also have a unique work experience in the medical, social, occupation and also situation issues. Case the manager has the duty to aid in good communication between the patient and the physician more so on matters to do with treatment.

The nurse case managers ought to ascertain all the data provided by the worker, she should also ensure that the injured worker receives proper medication while taking note of any severe impact that the medication was given might have on the patient. The nurse case manager has a duty to report all the patients concerns to the physician, that is if the patients feels he is not satisfied with the type of treatment he is getting. All the data about the prognosis and medical management of the patient is submitted to the insurance company by the nurse case manager. They should never perform other duties like carrying investigation on behalf of the insurance company.
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An injured worker should be aware of the roles of a nurse case manager assigned to them as well as their roles regarding working with the nurse. The law responsible for the welfare of employees states that; the physician should only talk about the patients’ medical history, diagnosis, treatment and medication as well as progress of the client if the nurse case manager is there. The injured employee together with his lawyer should always make it to the meeting with the doctor as scheduled to have the discussions.5 Takeaways That I Learned About Experts