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Life ShortcutWhen you’re something like me, you will have spent many a futile hour day-dreaming about teleportation. This motion is a contradiction in itself for God is a God of information and does not withold information for understanding from people who search Him. However, it is just when faith is born within the coronary heart that one can perceive that God counsels the heart by knowledge as the design of the soul is to function thereby. So we see the affect of false information via satan that has sown a thought sample of biasedness and prejudice in which such paradoxes of manâs searching for is made identified in distinction to those of faith who rest in Him who’s Fact.

Enoch was given prophecy in regards to the finish occasions..for what occurred within the days of noah is begining to repeat itself now! Beaware of the occasions to come and if you want to be prepared, not to fall short of the glory of God, then make the choice at the moment to come into covenant with let the truth fall on deaf ears, dont let your eyes be decieved, for God is now separating the wheat from the tares and those that choose to stay in the false religeous system are already bewitched by the deciever..time is running out !

Enoch was righteous in the eyes of the Lord, and was shown many wonders and mysteries which convey all the puzzle items collectively concerning the non secular realms and much truth of Christ is contained inside these books and will carry you much understanding and perception into the appropriate will of the Father…we all who’re in covenant with God submit below the same report and sample of faith.

The carnal-minded man seems to be on the books of Enoch and views them from suspicion by which is fueled their worry as if salvation have been depending on ink and paper but the righteous see the face of Jesus Christ in these writings and embrace Him because the Residing Word having set for the righteous a sample of life in Himself by which He is observed (religion) in that which confirms Him â the writings of Enoch affirm Him.

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