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Reasons Why Prenatal Paternity Test Is Essential

Of late the number of fatherless kids are very many. This is because many women are conceiving children before they are married. Every child deserves to have two parents, both the father and the mother while growing However, many fathers do not accept their children in their lives due to different reasons. One of the reason is that they may claim that they are not the fathers of their kids or the mothers are in doubts about the fathers. In these situations there is a need to do a paternity that proves that the biological father of a child. Recently, there is a prenatal test that is conducted these days that proves the father of the baby before they are born. The test does not give room for errors.

There are many reasons why people prefer prenatal paternity test. The first reason is to be sure of who the father of the child is. Breaking the news to a man that they are the fathers of a child can be overwhelming especially if the man is not ready. When there is no proof that the child is indeed theirs they end rejecting the kid. Therefore to avoid the stress it is essential to do a DNA test before the child is born. Secondly, it gives the mother peace of mind. Pregnant mothers need to be well-taken care both emotionally y and financial. Clearing the doubts on the father of a child ensures that a child is safe. Thirdly, proving the identity of the father early enough is good for the development of the child in the womb. This is because when a woman is okay without any anxieties it is good for the development of a child. Clearing the doubts on time also give some space for the biological fathers to ready for the baby. Raising a baby is very expensive; therefore there is a need to be ready. As a result it is necessary to know the paternity of the child earlier to avoid surprising the fathers.

The fifth reason why it is necessary to know the father of the child while still in the womb is to trace the medical history of the child. Children are likely to have the genetic makeup of their parents; therefore they inherit all the medical conditions of their parents. For example, parents blood group determine the blood group of the child; therefore there is a need to know the father to avail themselves for the tests.

Knowing the father of the child sooner ensures that the child is entitled to any benefits from the father. Fathers can practice their parental right from the day the child is born.

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