Board and Train Programs for Dogs in Omaha NE

The fastest and most effective way to train dogs is via board and train programs in Omaha NE. Dogs can attend multiple training sessions during the day, and have learned behavior reinforced twenty-fours each day. Socialization with other dogs get pets comfortable with new dogs and strange dogs encountered in the community. The atmosphere is structured to allow daily exercise and play times, as well as individual attention from staff.

The facility provides world class luxury, indoor and outdoor dog runs, and climate-controlled training areas. Flooring is anti-slip and bacteria resistant. A high-quality air filtration system utilizes odor control carbon filters. Pricing includes door to door round trip transportation.


Training camp is offered in three and six week duration. The shorter version consists of general training. Dogs will learn commands for sitting, coming to owners, stopping any behavior, and being quiet, among others. Behaviors eliminated will include jumping, digging, chewing, bolting, aggression, and nipping.

The six week boot camp training program is more intense. This is recommended for naturally aggressive breeds, dogs that have gone through other training programs, and extremely destructive dogs. Professionals work with these dogs to break them of habits that can be unsafe or harmful to them or their owners.

Other Training Options Offered

In-home training is available for dogs that are timid, do not interact well with other dogs, or have suffered traumatic events or abuse. It is also perfect for behaviors that are only exhibited in the living space. Apartment buildings are examples of challenging setting for dogs. Safety on a terrace or balcony, traveling in an elevator, and restricting barking are some examples/

Training in that environment is often more effective than general dog training. Sessions are two hours in length and spaced three weeks apart. Typically only two sessions are needed. The owner is learning along side the dog, so the transition goes smoothly. Once behavior is altered and commands are learned, both dog and owner do very well.

Day classes are also available in categories such as aggression, obedience, puppy training, and control of the pet when off a leash. Regardless of the program selected, lifetime support is included in the pricing. This includes telephone support or free house calls to address any new behaviors, recurring issues, or changes in the environment.